Sunday, September 7, 2008


The Executive Secretary of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), Mr Yvo de Boer, says without public support and action on climate change no progress will be made on the issue.
With no progress on the issue, there was sure to be no change in the direction of economic growth, and that had implications for the sustainability of most economies, he said.
Speaking at the beginning of a four day training workshop for journalists on climate change organised by the UNFCCC secratariat, he said public support for, and understanding of, the issues of climate change would get the spotlight on politicians to get things done.
It would also keep up the pace of providing innovative technologies and others solutions, he added.
Mr Yvo de Boer said that was the only way forward provided journalists took the “valuable opportunity” existing during such international talks to understand issues and help sensitise all for the appropriate actions to be taken.
An Environmental Correspondent of Reuters, Mr Alistair Doyle, told journalists no to panic when reporting on Climate Change Talks as the tendency was for them to, because of the technicalities of the issues.
He advised that stories on climate change should be kept simple, innovative and interesting, to attract the attention of all.
The UNFCCC is organising the workshop to engage journalists on the issue and is directly sponsoring about 21 journalists although participation is open to about 37 journalists currently covering the Accra Climate Change Talks 2008.

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