Sunday, September 7, 2008


Some members of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhIS) yesterday visited the Daily Graphic as part of moves by the professional body to encourage all Ghanaians to patronise their services.
The 2nd Vice President of the GhIS and Chairman of the Quantity Surveyor Division, Mr Daniel K. Kyere; the Vice President of the African Association of Quantity Surveyors, Western Region, Mr Michael Frimpong and an Associate Member of the association, Mr Humphrey Amegado, discussed with the editor of the Daily Graphic, Mr Ransford Tetteh, ways of possible collaboration by which Ghanaians could be sensitised to the cost effective ways of building.
They said the work of the quantity surveyor was most often done behind the scenes but vital to the longevity of structures and engineering works.
Most Ghanaians, without the basic knowledge in construction, often relied on artisans who also lacked the knowledge.
The result was crumbling buildings, the destruction of roads and bridges and the blowing away of roofs during storms, floods and other disasters.
They said as a professional organisation, they could collaborate with the Daily Graphic, a paper that often reported on issues of public interest, so that the public could be sensitised to the benefits of patronising their services, which most often was given free to those in the low income group.
“Buildings and other engineering infrastructure are meant to last a lifetime. However, bad building practices due to the lack of the requisite knowledge tends to make most buildings need major renovations after a few years,” Mr Frimpong said.
Mr Amegado, for his part, said the association had realised in recent times that most buildings in the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions were being constructed without beams, an essential part in construction that held buildings together.
He said the association would bring that to the notice of partners in the construction industry in the two regions.
Mr Tetteh said the Daily Graphic partnerships with associations and organisations were important in the sensitisation function of the paper.
That was the reason for the Daily Graphic Governance Dialogue series that created the platform for others to share their views.
He said collaboration was important in finding answers to some of development challenges of the country, as it could draw professional bodies and the media together on a common platform to inform and educate.
“The Daily Graphic is ready for such partnerships to help leverage the market and help sensitise people,” Mr Tetteh said.
The group took the opportunity to announce the 4th Triennial General Assembly and 10th Council Meeting of the African Association of Quantity Surveyors that would be held on August 18 to 21 in Accra on the theme, “Advocating Quantity Surveying Excellence in Africa”.

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