Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Books: Success is for Ab-Normal People and Walking into your Financial Freedom; Author: Patrick Otieku-Boadu; Pages: 80 and 109, respectively; Printed by Spearhead Consult, 2012; Reviewed by Caroline Boateng ........................................................................................................................ The twin books by Patrick Otieku-Boadu, continue to define him as an inspirational coach of modern times. While “Success is for Ab-normal People,” seeks to imbue readers with the verve to optimally express themselves in all their endeavours,“Walking into Your Financial Freedom,” complements, by refocusing readers on lessons of personal productivity. The author in the pages of “Success is for Ab-Normal People,” coaches, encourages and urges a life lived above average, that is,“abnormally.” Having well researched biblical characters who lived that ‘ab-normal' life, the author presents them as examples for readers. In bullet form, for easy assimilation, he lists the lessons and philosophies that have guided the lives and actions of great men and women. For instance, readers will get to learn about the ant philosophy, which teaches persistence in the face of obstacles; while in pages on the “Ten Laws of Differentiation,” the principle of the ‘cuboid melon,’ that is, maximising one’s diversity is discussed. “Walking in Your Financial Freedom,” ups the ante in an essential area of every individual’s life... money! Funding addictions, a culture of dissipation and not saving, borrowing, and indiscipline are some of the issues discussed as reasons for the financial constraints that some people face. The hands-on coach that he is, Patrick Otieku-Boadu recognises practical limitations that keep people in a poverty loop, that is, “a dead-end low paying job.” These include person’s mindset, ignorance and the inability to properly plan and budget on resources. He advances cogent reasons for wealth, some of which are, the opportunities to help societies, generations unborn and for causes of God’s Kingdom. Insights within “Walking in your Financial Freedom,” include the six ways in which people make money, and that, surprisingly, includes begging. However, that means of making money does not last, readers will learn. They will also learn the lasting methods of making money, the five wisdom baskets that teach how to apportion resources appropriately and how to be productive and create wealth. The completion of “Walking in Your Financial Freedom,” would undoubtedly leave a reader with the urge or an appetite for an income generating venture, instead of the income spending spree that most people with little money venture into. It provokes readers, be they salaried workers or self-employed, to be financially wise in order to appreciate any income or money that comes their way, turning the funds, however little, into wealth that can be used in the service of humanity. “Success is for Ab-Normal People,” and “Walking in your Financial Freedom,” is highly recommended, for all generational groups. For the impressionable youth, it will provide workable ideas for life. For adults and workers, some of whom are in ‘dead-end jobs,’ it would be the turning point to a fulfilled life. Even for the aged, the two books offer hope and principles that teach that no situation in life is unredeemable. Patrick Otieku-Boadu’s books are replete with biblical principles that offer hope for all. The books are available in all leading stores or can be directly obtained via the email address:

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