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BOOK REVIEW: Titles: “Dreams, Nature, Purposes and Meanings” & “Breaking the Powers of Evil Spirits”

The two books of Bishop Bernard Ogyiri Asare, “Dreams, Nature, Purposes and Meanings” and “Breaking the Powers of Evil Spirits,” open up critical areas in the spiritual life of Christians.
Dreams and evil spirits both have an impact on the destiny of one’s life and both are baffling areas to Christians.
While dreams are one of the channels of communication of God, evil spirits are definitely agents of evil and these two areas are aptly delved into by the author, who teaches how dreams, from whatever source, can be dealt with as well as any influence of evil spirits.
Dreams reveal and natural and spiritual sides of a person and may relate to a person’s wishes, anxieties or fears.
Though the author says dreams are involuntary activities of the subconscious mind and do not directly bear on reality, he cautions against taking them lightly.
He prescribes the prayerful consideration of dreams in the light of God’s word in order for one to have important revelations of God’s counsels in all areas of one’s life.
Apart from revealing God’s plans to man, dreams warn of impending danger or destruction on man that may be either spiritual or physical and also warns of intended destruction on the devil.
The author describes dreams as God’s X-ray vision through which He mirrors His intended purposes for man for change as well as spiritual and mental refreshment.
God gives dreams and the interpretation of it to anyone He chooses in furtherance of His purposes, the author states and gives biblical examples of the people who dreamed dreams.
To ensure that dreams interpreted are really what they mean, God has instituted safeguards by which His people can test if dreams interpreted are really what they are.
These safeguards include identifying the dream, examining it and earnestly seeking the mind of God on the dream through prayer.
For aspects of the dream one might have had that was good, Bishop Bernard Ogyiri Asare, admonishes “confess that aspect which is good.”
The author devotes a chapter to dreams from the devil that are frightful and disturbing and are intended to destroy a person.
Reading Dreams, Nature, Purposes and Meanings, will help all make the right inference from some specific dreams, such as, dreaming of sharing meat chopping onions or cooking meat.
Also discussed are natural and carnal dreams that are initiated the activities of life and one’s imagination, respectively.
For all these dreams, the author points Christians to opportunities through prayer to break all targets of the enemy and ensure the fulfilment of dreams from
Bishop Bernard Ogyiri Asare, describes the study of evil spirits and demons as an adventure, because are unseen and yet exist.
It is this adventure that he draws readers into as he analyses the powers of evil spirits on the lives of Christians and how they can liberate themselves.
In “Breaking the Powers of Evil Spirits,” four un-contradictory issues are set out from the onset.
The author is categorical that demons exist and are active even today and that demon possession of the Christians is easy.
He further posits that demons target the lives of Christians for destruction and finally adds that knowing that demons exist is not enough but keeping faith in Jesus Christ to be delivered and depending on the authority of the Word of God to maintain one’s deliverance is important.
Having set out these basic points, “Breaking the Powers of Evil Spirits,” takes readers through the origin and the nature of demons.
From the bible, he traces how they came into being and show that the origin of evil spirits is Satan.
Other interesting issues one would read on the issue of the origin and nature of demons are how they behave, act and their command structure.
The author, Bishop Bernard Ogyiri Asare, teachers how Christians can identify evil spirits by setting out their basic aims, objectives and activities.
With scriptural references like, he shows how in a bid to entice people for evil, they succeed in persuading Christians to sin and forfeit the blessed life of God.
When demons indwell Christians, they oppress, create evil obsessions in them and cause them to reject the plans and purposes of God, thus he teaches how demon possession comes about for all to be forewarned.
The results of demon possession are hatred, anger, self pity, insecurity and jealousy among others.
Apart from these emotion related symptoms of demon possession, the author says that physical problems, such as, speech impairment, addictions, ailments and failures can also sometimes be the indications.
For those in the deliverance ministry and even the neophyte Christian, the author details a step by step guide to how those under the influence of evil spirits can be delivered and the deliverance maintained.
Readers are also guided through a step by step deliverance session in breaking the powers of evil spirits on the lives of those possessed.
Bishop Bernard Ogyiri Asare’s books are recommended for all Christians desirous of living a victorious Christian life fully living out all the blessings of God and devoid of all influence of the enemy.
Copies of the book can be obtained at the Zion Praise Chapel International, Takoradi, and leading bookshops in Takoradi and nation-wide.
The books were published by Prophetic Impartation, Zion Praise Chapel International.

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