Saturday, November 3, 2007


Story: Caroline Boateng

A six story national data centre, that will be the nerve centre of the National Identification System (NIS) is nearing completion.
The building, described by the Executive Secretary of the National Identification Authority (NIA), Prof Ernest Dumor, as “a security driven facility,” will be the head quarters of the NIA from where all operations, including, data management and storage and issuance of identity cards would be done.
The six storey facility has a pent house at the top where water tanks and other utility equipment would be kept.
It has a basement, where delivery vans would off-load and on-load materials for the operations of the NIA, eliminating the possibility of any security risks in the transportation of the NIA’s materials.
Apart from that, the facility has a cafeteria and a gym for workers, and according to Prof Dumor, workers of the NIA had to be physically and mentally fit for the job, hence the facility.
The building is designed by architects, Design Networks, who are also managing the construction.
It can withstand any outward and inward threats and intrusions, and it is the expectation of the NIA that the building would be completed by the first quarter of next year.
On a tour of the facility with Prof Dumor and the Site Representative, Togbi Baku IV, workers were seen installing cables and pipes air-conditioning equipment and water tanks.
Taking the Daily Graphic round the facility, Prof Dumor said expectation was that the facility would be ready by the first quarter of next for operations to begin there.

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